About company
About company

"setun-service" the universal company in the market of housing and communal services. in spite of the fact that this company young, at it the rich offer of services from maintenance service of buildings, service, cleaning of premises and territories of any size and appointment before management of objects of housing and communal services.

In our approach to work have found the place the most perspective for today of technology in sphere of housing and communal services, management and material support. for this reason our clients are large firms and city housing estates. at the heart of the organisation of our system of service the aspiration lies to give customer complex of services, thereby to allow it to unite most rationally and favourably them.

Services, "setun-service" 80000 2 With a full spectrum of services. today the total area of the objects served by the company more than 150000 m2.

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The major aspect in company work is a reasonable approach to pricing: optimum quality parity of works with a well-founded low price policy.

Charitable programs of the company setun-service is a free additional maintenance service of pensioners and veterans.


1. rendering of the services justifying expenses, but also customers anticipating requirement.

2. achievement of the planned purposes by means of introduction and perfection of system of quality management on the basis of the international standard 9001 2010.

3. the top management bears responsibility for the organisation and management of all activity connected with quality. the private responsibility of each employee for quality of performed work is provided with an accurate regulation of duties, powers and responsibility of personnel structure.

4. stability of quality of services is provided:

  • Creation of conditions for performance of the works corresponding to requirements of customers;
  • Constant care of increase of professional level of all employees and their interest in activity of system of quality management;
  • Constant control over quality of works, timely carrying out of warning and correcting actions;
  • Constant cooperation with suppliers.

5. the company operates according to requirements of the market of services, constantly improves the activity, regularly analyzes operating system of quality management and considers continuously changing requirements of customers.